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When your Fish Arrive

IMPORTANT: Anytime new fish are added into an existing environment it is always recommended to quarantine the new arrivals in a separate tank (closed system) for 2-3 weeks to monitor for any disease that may not be readily apparent. This is even more important if adding multiple fish from different sources.

  1. Inspect the box for damage and acknowledge any damage with the driver if possible.

  2. Very carefully, peel off the tape or make a shallow cut. The fish bag will be pressed close up against the top of the box so take care not to puncture it.

  3. Inspect the fish in the bag and confirm that all the fish you ordered are present. If a fish you ordered is missing or you received the wrong fish take a picture and upload it through My Account, File a Claim.

  4. If your fish seem distressed (i.e gasping, floating on one side) release them immediately from the bag by scooping the fish with a net or very carefully with your hand.  

  5. Otherwise, if everything appears normal, float the bag in your pond for 20-30 minutes to equalize the water temperatures, then release with a net or by hand.

  6. Keep the fish bag out of direct sunlight while it floats.

DO NOT add water to the fish bag (this can cause an ammonia spike which is toxic to the fish) and try not to add water from the bag into your pond or quarantine tank.

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