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* The larger fish pics following are the parents (breed stock) of these tiny tots.


These tots are a mix of all our spring spawns on farm. They are smaller 1"-2" and the colour has not yet developed, but will begin to quickly develop their beautiful colours in the next month to 6 weeks. At this early stage, the fish all look very similar. Enjoy the true development of these babies from plain infant to beautiful jewels.


Varieties included in these spawns are a mix of Sanke, Kohaku, Showa, Kin Showa, Bekko, Yamato Nishiki, Ai goromo, Goshiki, Kikokuyru, Beni Kikokuyru, Ochiba, Chagoi, Sorogoi, Platinum, Kujaku, Yamabuki, Hariwake.


Our boxes of baby koi make it easy to quickly stock a new or existing pond with plenty of variety and color! A box of baby koi is perfect for those who love to watch their fish grow.


Each box contains a mix of Decorative and Select grade koi. You will receive 50 koi in this box, plus a couple extra. Baby koi are available for a limited time each year after spawning.


* Important* At this early stage of life, koi can be quite delicate and fragile, and the days after shipping can be difficult for them. While we do everything we can to ensure a smooth delivery, losses of up to 20% are possible. 


*Shipping: Orders of baby koi are shipped out on Wednesday and Thursday each week, for delivery on the following day. The cutoff for orders each week is Monday at 12pm, orders placed after will ship out on the following week. If you need delivery on a different day contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Tim's Tiny Tots 1"-2" (50 Pack)

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