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The 8" Yamato Nishiki koi fish is a stunning and vibrant addition to any pond or aquarium. With its beautiful red, white, and black markings, this koi fish is sure to be the focal point of any water feature. The Yamato Nishiki koi is known for its graceful movement and active swimming behavior, making it a joy to watch as it gracefully glides through the water. With its high-quality scales and impressive size, the 8" Yamato Nishiki koi fish is a must-have for any koi enthusiast looking to add a pop of color and elegance to their aquatic environment. Whether you're an experienced koi keeper or a beginner looking to start your collection, the Yamato Nishiki is a timeless and beautiful choice for any pond or tank.

8" Yamato Nishiki

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    Standard fin

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