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The Goshiki koi fish is a stunning addition to any pond or aquarium. Known for their vibrant and varied coloring, Goshiki koi are prized for their red, gray, and white patterns that resemble the brushstrokes of a painting. At a size of 7 inches, these koi are ideal for medium-sized ponds and provide a beautiful focal point for any water feature. With proper care and maintenance, the 7" Goshiki koi can grow to be even more magnificent as they age, making them a valuable addition to any koi collection. Whether you are a seasoned koi enthusiast or a beginner looking to add some color to your pond, the 7" Goshiki is a beautiful and lively choice for any aquatic environment.

7" Goshiki

SKU: BB30-4 (TP)
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    Standard Fin

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